Adam’s Room

Adam’s Room

An eclectic mix of baby, nature, and global culture.


Another view of the crib. I am using the mobile as the basis for the design theme. The quilt is a family heirloom and was hand sewn in Pakistan. My mom repurposed it and stuffed it with a soft cotton batting, so that it would be cozy for a baby.


The inspiration for this mobile came from a bird mobile diy project i found online. I was vacationing in Berkeley, California, when I came across a small gift shop with these wind chimes. I bought three and hung them from the ceiling with fishing wire. I love how the white hooks and clear string give you the impression that they are suspended in air. I found an added benefit for using wind chimes, babies love to hit them and hear it make noise!

I found this photo frame set from a cool shop I found called Mindy’s Classic Finds – you can usually call the owner and ask her to set aside items that you are looking for. I’m all about great customer service, and will be a loyal customer forever! Inside are some family photos we took professionally – I printed some in black and white for contrast.

Art from Land of Nod – I dont think they are available any longer. The bear on top of the armoire is actually a gift from Nana, it is a sleeping bag for overnight visits.


Here are some close ups of the items on the dresser. Personalized piggy bank was a baby shower gift, and the retro toy is from Ikea.

It wouldn’t be any fun if he didn’t love to play in it! We can always clean up later…

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