Tomatoes are Planted!

Here’s the latest on my tomato garden. Since I am still new at this, I decided to go raised bed style as it is easier to control the conditions for the plant to thrive, or so I’m told. I have grown tomatoes in the past with some luck, in a taller planter. I put some bamboo garden stakes in and tied them with some garden tape for them to grow tall. While searching for a how-to guide for vegetable gardening, I found a lot of resources that were helpful, but my favorite is definitely The Vegetable Gardeners Bible. You learn so much about the why’s in addition to the how’s. If you are looking to start gardening, I highly recommend it! By the way, the planter on the right is holding my strawberries – a purchase I made on a whim, and a wish. Crossing my fingers. I will keep you posted. 

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