Casual Leather

I may or may not have mentioned that I’m currently wearing Invisalign braces, about half way through my treatment right now. I’m pretty used to them but it is a little annoying to always brush and floss after eating or drinking anything. Ive completely stopped chewing gum, and I rarely stop by the accounting department for afternoon chocolate in the office – where I used to go daily. I always wanted braces as a kid, but as the fourth out of five children, I would have had to look like Austin Powers to warrant getting them in my parents opinion. 
I have an appointment tomorrow for that, as well as my long awaited visit to the plastic surgeon to look at my chin and see if there is any glass in it after the accident I wrote about it in this post. The more it heals the more it really feels like there is something sharp in there. The good thing is you can’t really see it since it is by my jaw line – can you tell in the picture below?
Here is a casual way I’d wear my leather pants. I actually may have to invest in a better pair like these from Guess. These H&M ones are a steal and work great at night, but if I’m going to do casual leather more often, I think I need to step it up just a little. Plus the nicer ones are stretchy in back so they are extremely flattering, and much more comfortable. I feel like I’m channelling my inner Kardashian in this  look – I just need much more lip gloss and lashes!
Blazer Limited/Pants H&M/Necklace Urban Outfitters/Shoes Sam Edelman/Bag Banana Republic similar/Jewelry Vince Camuto bangles via Nordstrom/Watch Skagen

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