Niagara Falls

Ahhh… finally the weekend has arrived! I still haven’t quite finished unpacking, and for me that is complete torture! I love traveling, but there is nothing like the feeling you get when you walk in your front door. Particularly after an hour-long flight that felt like a month-long flight because of a squirmy, over-tired toddler in my lap.
We got in late at night, and with work the next day, I was feeling pretty frazzled all around. I forced myself to take some time out for ‘me’ and go to my hot yoga class, and I felt completely rejuvenated. In any other workout, my mind is still racing with all of the things on my to-do list, but with yoga, I’m so distracted with the difficult poses that I completely lose myself in it. 
Below are some pictures from our visit to Niagara Falls. We took a couple of extra days to relax after the wedding, much of it uneventful, but I really enjoyed the simplicity and quiet that we rarely experience in our normal day-to-day lives. Even just laying in bed watching Jersey Shore and then eating pizza delivered to our room was a fun change for us.
I loved my cozy blazer and flats combo, and I am definitely going to wear it a LOT this fall. I didn’t wear jewelry because we were hopping on a flight back to Chicago that same day, and I like to make my airport security checks as seamless as possible. It took years, but I’ve learned the secret to traveling light – wear flats, no jewelry, no belt, and keep your license and boarding pass in your pocket. Even better if you wear a long dress or maxi skirt. It makes life so much easier.
Have a great weekend!
Blazer Jcrew/Cardigan H&M (old) similar/Striped shirt Target (old)/Jeans Zara/Flats Sam Edelman

Adam was more interested in the birds than the falls!

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  • Spent the morning @freezefloatspa today! I floated for one hour and sat in the infrared sauna for 45 minutes ~ I didn’t do the freeze (cryo chamber) but it’s on my list for next time! Has anyone tried either freezing or floating? Share your thoughts! Thanks @sabrinacostarealestate for the 📸
  • TGIF! For everyone who asked, and by everyone, I mean absolutely none of you- I’m about to slip into some really comfy sweats (no bra obvs) and watch Zootopia for the millionth time- what are you guys up to??!! #tgif #gocubs
  • Thank YOU dude who walked by and asked if I was Miss Chicago 🥰🤗 I’ve been telling everyone I know ever since! (he was wearing some thick coke bottle glasses but whatevs)
  • Sugar baby n Sugar mama 🍦🍦
  • Getting vulnerable on today’s blog post - talking about some of my struggles and the amazing thing that happened to give me the kick in the butt I *needed* to come to my senses.  Also - I’ll admit there is no coffee in this mug but it is quite #aesthetic ain’t it?
  • These pants fit great until I ate a grape...
  • When someone asks me what I do for a living... #thisisit #jk #wheredoistart
  • When the cat’s sis will play! She always sneaks in to Adams room, steals toys and jumps on the bed as soon as he leaves 😂
I bought Adam’s new quilt from @justinablakeneyhome and love it! We still need to get Adam a headboard but for now this is where we’re at! #mondaymood #mondayfunday #jungalowstyle
  • Woke up to snow showers so I *guess* it’s a PJ’s all day kinda day...(P.S. I realllly don’t want to keep talking about the weather but Chicago keeps tryin me! 😩) linked to this cute loungewear on the shop page of my blog 💕

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