LoveZahra in Bloggersmag and The Urbaness – Preesh!!

Good morning! Thanks for visiting. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet but expect a brand new outfit post tomorrow, I’m pretty excited about it!
Also, The Urbaness will be publishing a follow up to the style feature today sometime – stay tuned! I will tweet when it is up.
I’m so honored to be chosen as the Blogger of the Month for Bloggersmag! Bloggersmag is (you guessed it) a magazine about the personalities behind some of your favorite blogs. You can read my full interview at
I just told someone the other day, when someone comes up to me and tells me how much they love my blog or that something I wrote resonated with them, I am on top of the world. For those of you with children, its like someone saying how wonderful your baby is – LoveZahra is like my second child! Or maybe 4th if you count Tom and Briggs…So thanks! I quote my friend Gina when I say “Preesh!” (for those of you who aren’t hip like us, it’s short for ‘appreciate it’!

Have a great day! XO -Z

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  • Who doesn’t love a montage (twice 😬) moments from last weekend... #saniaza #bacheloretteweekend #dance
  • Don’t go chasing waterfalls...(at least not while wearing flip flops like I did because they *will* fall apart - both of them 😫😂) also - swipe to see me doing a dramatic hair flip because why not? 📷 @snapsbytlc #waterfall #girlstrip #pursuitofportraits
  • Me on social media vs. me IRL - swipe to see what I looked like all weekend 😭 jokes and 📷 courtesy of @snapsbytlc #saniaza #lakelife #pursuitofportraits
  • Back home to all things crazy but won’t soon forget an incredible weekend of soul food (and lots of food food too obvs😋) 📷@snapsbytlc #girlstrip #saniaza #lakelife
  • Hike up to Bash Bish Falls with my Bachelorette Bish-es. 📷 @snapsbytlc
  • Dance practice💃🏽 (the talking in the beginning is part of the skit 😂)@saniawk @fitness_by_fati |Song: Gal Mitti Mitti Bol | #mybffisgettingmarried #campshahab #bacheloretteweekend
  • Girls weekend at the lake house will definitely go down as one for the books but...I miss my babies too much so it’s back home I go! Wearing all black and flats because: New York #ootd #newyork
  • Fun fact: When I moved to New York in college @saniawk was my very first friend! She asked me if I liked techno music 😂 and the rest was history! #mybffisgettingmarried #girlsweekend #newyorkcity
  • Off to New York for a girls weekend ...10 ladies, one lake house, let the estrogen fest begin! (I wonder who’s cycle I’ll jump on -lol ) #airportstyle #mybffisgettingmarried #bacheloretteweekend

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