I’m no stranger to color as you must know by now, but I’m especially drawn to neons as of late. Throw in some studded metallic pumps and I am all set!
For my Chicago girls, scroll down for the details on the upcoming Gilt City Warehouse Sale – featuring brands like Zach Posen, Helmut Lang, Carolina Hererra, Tucker, Cynthia Rowley, and Brian Atwood among others. Tickets just went on sale!

Outfit Details: Bag: Urban Outfitters (sale $10!!) Blouse: H&M Similar  Jeans: Zara  Shoes: Shoemint  Jacket: Nordstrom Rack Similar  Necklaces: H&M                             

Tickets for the Gilt City Warehouse Sale will be available this week.

So I was talking to a girlfriend today – ok texting, not talking, because who talks on the phone anymore right?  We were talking about the whole mean girls endemic that is prevalent in our society. I know you know what I’m talking about, we all have a few of those ‘mean girls’ in our own lives.

 I think I heard Courtney Love say it best, and I’m totally paraphrasing here, when a female caller called in on a Howard Stern interview and started bashing her and telling her she had no talent, Courtney Love told her she needed to love herself a little more. I thought that was sort of profound. 

 I think if more people felt fulfilled and loved, they wouldn’t feel the need to perpetuate hate so much. So here’s a challenge, try to be kind to another girl today, maybe compliment her on something she is wearing that you like. I’m all about girl power here at LoveZahra – so spread the word! Oh, and guys – love you too 😉

Have a great day!

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First time back to my hometown to see my parents since Thanksgiving 2019. The kids have been so excited to see their Nanababa and Nano! The last video is what I was really missing tho…
My new favorite place in the house is definitely the sitting room off my bedroom. (See the before in my Reels) I worked with @thehavenly to turn this into my dream space. Now what used to be a pass through, is where I love to sit down after a shower and put on lotion or comb my hair, or even just curl up and read a book or listen to a guided meditation. Just a cozy and pretty space that feels intentional 💕 #havenlyambassador #interiordesign
I glow ‘cause I know what my worth is…who can name that song?? (every mom probably knows)
Thanks for all the love on my last post ❤️ I’m nursing a vulnerability hangover because I am actually a pretty private person (believe it or not) but every time I do get in my feelings and share it I end up connecting with so many of you and that makes it worth it. I know I am inspiring women to be unapologetic and to live their truth by doing so myself. That’s not a flex, enough of you dm me on the daily for me to say it with confidence. So with that- Lets go 2022! Hope this year keeps you feeling rested, hydrated, and living your best life! Also sorry and yes I’m definitely bothered by that rug flipped over in the back
Life is weird. For 2022 I’m thinking about how much I’ve personally grown. From this 21 year old girl getting married to someone I barely knew way too fast (my first marriage- also divorced within a year). That experience made me learn so much about standing up for what I wanted. Then for many years I thought I knew who I was, and soon I realized that wasn’t it either. I evolved. I struggled with my faith, particularly in 2020 when I felt attacked for my non mainstream views about Islam - interfaith marriage, LGBTQ, etc. Because of that, I lost a lot of supporters and tbh- sadly lost some friends. But I also figured out, with the sage advice from papa Shah, that there are as many opinions in the world as there are people - so me trying to change peoples opinions was pretty futile. Rather than bearing hostility to those who don’t think like me, I realized I should have empathy, and give people room to grow and learn. So I can say with sincerity that I’m finally good - with life and God and everything - and I’m proud of baby girl in this pic ❤️ Cheers to more growth and happiness next year!
You’re the best, I don’t care what everyone else says ❤️