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For this week’s Blogger Nation series, we are partnering with Sole Society to feature some of our favorite summer accessories! Sole Society has a great collection of high quality and trendy accessories at an amazing price point. Also very exciting, they recently partnered with a company called Style Saint to offer a line of sustainable (and seriously chic) clothing! I am going to add them to my (ever growing) list of ethical companies to shop right away.

I have been wearing these jeweled sandals (on sale now!) and this perforated faux leather backpack constantly since I got it. I have wanted a backpack for some time now, especially after seeing this Chanel version which is just *slightly* pricier. Not only is the bag roomy enough for all of my essentials, it is also really easy to wear it over one or both shoulders, especially if I am traveling or even running errands all day. My favorite part about this bag though, the perforated black leather adds a little edge to the whole look. The jeweled sandals are a summer must have – these I particularly love because the black sandal and dark jewels keep it from looking too cutesy. I have a similar black sandal without any embellishment and I keep going back to these because they are just so much more interesting and fun.

Check out any of of the looks below in more detail by clicking on the link below the blogger’s picture. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


ag-sole-society-rocksbox-dolce backpack-sole-societysole-society-sandals-ag-Outfit Details: Sandals: Thanks to Sole Society (on Sale!)| Bag: Thanks to Sole Society | Jeans: AG | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Necklace (long), earrings, and ring: Rocksbox ( you can still get your free trial month using offer code lovezahraxoxo) | Necklace (short):  Tiffany & Co. | Sunnies: D&G

Here are a few more ways I styled the bag and the sandals and shared via instagram:


To go see Taylor Swift in concert: Jacket and Skirt: Thanks to Rebecca Minkoff | Bag: Chanel | Necklace, bracelet, ring : Thanks to Kendra Scott |


To run errands and get a blowout: Jeans: AG | Blazer: Urban Outfitters | Tank: Theory (Similar Style) |

white-dress-sole-societyTo take Adam out for a day in the park: Dress: Zara – Similar Style | Hat: Nordstrom


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  • Happy 9 Year anniversary to the love of my life @tom_sandberg! Real talk, whoever needs to hear this rn who is struggling to be with the person they love - whether it’s because of what other people think about their race, religion, sexuality, or even status (yes still a thing!) - my advice is - Follow your heart! It’s the *only* thing that matters. It’s the only thing that’s TRUE. Society and other people DO NOT matter. Sorry if that’s aggressive but it’s the truth. Who you wake up next to each day, does matter - a LOT. SO glad I went against a lot of the ‘advice’ well intentioned people gave me, and married this hunky dude who cracks me up and doesn’t take my shit - but loves it regardless. Here’s a series of pics that describe our relationship perfectly- me trying to be hella extra for pics per usual - and him either going along or extremely confused. (Swipe to see the pic where I’m asking him to lift me above his head)
  • Pro tip for moving with kids - especially during summer vacation - figure out your childcare/activities/summer camps BEFORE you move! Trying to do it in the midst of living out of boxes is stressful AF. Unpacking and having tools and other unsafe objects everywhere with a toddler running around is impossible. I went from having childcare two days a week to zero - and finding a great provider is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. We are getting there though, slowly but surely! Since I haven’t had time to take any new pics - here’s another from our trip to the Scottish Highland games this past weekend! I’d throw in a GOT reference but I don’t watch it so I don’t know any of the characters 🙈
  • Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there - and especially to my  @tom_sandberg! We love you! (Even though we forgot to get you a present 🙈)
  • Today was the first day we left our hot mess of a (newly moved in) house - and even though I know it takes time to get settled in, my inner OCD Virgo perfectionist wants the house to be picture perfect by now - but regardless of how much there is to do, we spent some time at the Scottish Highland games today and the kids had a blast - especially with these adorable pups! Swipe to see ❤️
  • Hey guys! It’s been a whirlwind week - we moved out of one house, stayed in a hotel for a few days, then moved in to our new home! (See a tour in my ‘home’ highlights) Currently I’m drowning in a heap of boxes, I haven’t washed my hair in forever, and living on iced coffee and leftover pizza ~ thank you so much to everyone who dm’d me well wishes and even prayers for our family - it means so much to  us! 🙏🏾💕
  • #ad Almost done packing weee! Glad I have @SecretDeodorant’s #AluminumFree Deodorant with me for my more relaxed days! It's dye, paraben, and aluminum free PLUS glides on clear and dry! Watch my stories to see me do a skin-feel test.
  • Can’t seem to shake the funk im in after starting watching @ava’s ‘When They See Us’ on @netflix - I can only watch a little at a time because it really affects me hard - I posted about it in my stories and SO many of you agree and shared with me you cried while watching it. I like to keep things light around here but I just want to say if you haven’t already - watch it - it’s so important that we all face reality and not live in our own bubbles. Hopefully the increased awareness will lead to actual systemic changes. *end rant*
  • My favorite girl in her cute Eid dress from grandma! We celebrated today with family and just made it easy on ourselves and went to Chuck E Cheese ~ p.s. this will probably be our last pic in front of this door 😫😫#eidoutfit #mommyandme #ansabjahangirstudio
  • Feeling like I’m floating into Eid in this gorgeous cape suit - my second Eid look thanks to @basimmichelle - Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! Let’s eat! 🍴 #basimmichelle #eidoutfit #pssEid

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