Ripped Mom Jeans + Booties

I don’t know if it is the fact that almost every single pair of jeans I own has some sort of spandex fabric blend in it, but I’ve been getting so tired of the same old stretchy skinny jean style day after day. My new favorites come from Levis, a relaxed mid-rise boyfriend style that is tapered. I bought these in two washes, this and a really light blue that truly looks like your mothers jeans. Here I’m wearing them casually with my favorite booties, but I also love to pair them with high heeled pumps or sandals for a night out.

I still haven’t quite recovered from my trip and the time change is also messing with my sleep patterns so I am going to keep this short and get to bed early tonight. Good night!

xx – Z

senso-booties-levis-jeans-altai-coats levis-501ct-jeans-altai-coats-jcrew-blazersenso-bootiesJeans: Levis | Booties: Senso | Blazer: J.Crew | Coat: Thanks to Altai Coats | Tee: Thanks to Profound Aesthetic | Bag: Alexander Wang |

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