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Once again Friday has arrived and we are all feeling a little bit of pep in our step around the Sandberg home. With the Cubs in the World Series I can’t help but feel the excitement in the air all around me. Admittedly I’m not a huge baseball fan, I will go to a game with the hubs who is a lifelong Cubs die-hard, but for me it is more for the socializing than anything else (plus who doesn’t love getting dressed up in cute sports gear? haha). Funny story – when Tom and I first started dating, he told me he was related to former Cubs all-star player Ryne Sandberg – it was his second cousin twice removed who stopped talking to the family after he got famous. I’m not sure if he was trying to impress me, because I had no clue who the guy was, but I didn’t think too much about it until many years later, when his name came up in conversation, I brought up the fact to a friend of ours, and T had to come clean and say he was joking. It is actually funny to think of all the things we do and say when we are trying to impress someone, but how quickly all of that stops once he puts a ring on it! It goes both ways too, girls you know we unleash the crazy only after we know he isn’t going anywhere!

About the look, today I’m partnering with online retailer StyleWe – they work with many independent designers for a really eclectic and well curated selection of clothes and accessories. I love that they give a platform for creatives to sell their designs on a large scale. If you are looking for high quality designs at a reasonable price point, I highly suggest checking out their website. Seriously when I was choosing what I wanted, I had the hardest time because there were so many pieces I liked. I ended up going with this two piece sweater and skirt set because I love the cozy feel, the gorgeous Autumn-appropriate color, and the fact that it is one size fits all. The skirt can actually be worn longer or shorter depending on how high you decide to wear the waist. I’d wear this styled with loafers as I’ve done here for brunch with friends, or dressed up with a statement necklace, long jacket, and mid-calf boots for an evening out.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend xxmaternity-style-denim-jacket-sweater-janessa-leone-hat

givenchy-antigona-tote-arm-stackstylwe-sweater-set sweater-midi-skirt-givenchy-antigona sweater-midi-skirt-rag-and-bone-curtis-loafer

Sweater/Skirt two-piece set: Thanks to Stylewe – currently on sale under $60! (also comes in blush pink and black) | Shoes: Rag and Bone – Similar Style | Bag: GivenchySimilar Style (under $102)| Jacket: Zadig and Voltaire – Similar Style | Hat- Janessa Leone  –Similar Style  | Bracelets: Wooden beaded thanks to Pali Roots, rope bracelet thanks to Folli Follie, cuff bracelet House of Harlow 

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  • I was looking all over for a 2009 photo to do my 10 year thing - and I finally realized why I don’t have any! Some of you may already know this, but in the beginning of 2009 I got into a bad snowmobile accident where I had to be airlifted to a hospital and ended up in a coma for 3 days and ended up having a huge hematoma in my head (thankfully it healed on its own) and I had to get surgery on my broken collarbone m that is now metal plated! You may have noticed I have one bumpy collarbone - that’s the one haha. That near death experience set in motion so many things that would change my life. Most importantly I started living life for myself, I thought about all the things I would have regretted if I actually died that day. I (first broke up with but then) got married to my love @tom_sandberg, started practicing yoga regularly, tried a lot of new hobbies including horseback riding, I had a baby, started my blog, quit my job, had another baby, and now I’m at this really weird point of life - trying to decide what’s next. Now that Sophia’s getting older I have slightly more time to invest in my career, and I’m still trying to figure out where exactly I want to put my energy. 2019 is my year of exploration ~ anyone else at a similar turning point??
  • Throwback to Sophia’s first birthday! She turns two soon and I’m at a loss for ideas...(Bahamian beach party isn’t in the cards this year) I’m a theme kinda girl so please share your ideas! #birthdaygirl #tropicalparty #bahamas
  • Notes on being an American born of Pakistani immigrants...
Thanks to @urdumom for the q’s - check my highlights for expanded answers
1. Were you ever labeled an ABCD? What did you feel about that? 
Ha! Yes - I would still consider myself an 'ABCD' (American born confused Desi) although I think 'intersectional' is what the kids are calling it these days. As a kid it was difficult navigating both cultures, simultaneously being both and neither. I still struggle with it, to be honest, but I'm just now beginning to see that it is such a blessing to be sort of an outsider. It ultimately made me much more emotionally intelligent, and also broadened my perspective. 
2. Did you get to travel to Pakistan with your parents as a kid? How was the experience? 
Yes! We traveled often - almost every year - and I absolutely loved it. As a kid it was fun playing with the goats and chickens in my dads village, or shopping in the huge maze of bazaars in the city. When I was in tenth grade, my parents even sent me to Pakistan because they thought I was getting too 'wild'. Long story short, they are so advanced in education in Pakistan, we realized me going to school there meant I had to go back two grade levels, so they gave up on that plan and the whole trip became an extended vacation. I was SO resentful that I had to come back to America! I LOVED Pakistan so much. But I also knew my parents were now out of major punishment options - so I fulfilled their prophecy and became pretty wild 😜 
3. Did you face bullying at school for being different? 
sure! My first name Itrat was something kids really liked to tease me about. 'It's a rat' was a fan favorite. Kids would laugh at me and say that my dad worked at the gas station while imitating an Indian accent like Apu from The Simpsons, and they would ask me why I'm not wearing a red dot. I remember once arguing with a girl who then called me a rag head, and I thought she meant my hair was raggedy, but my older brother filled me in that she was referencing our Muslim heritage. 
4. How did your parents keep your Pakistani roots alive at home? 
My parents are both from Pakistan, so we had the food, language, music, books
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  • Northern Cali folks, my sister Rania will be teaching a Spring course called Global Islam: Culture and Civilization - at American River College in (my hometown) Sacramento! The course is introductory but covers a wide breadth of topics including the origins of Islam, the Prophetic traditions, Arts and Literature, and modern concepts as well. There are still a couple of open spots so I wanted to spread the word in case anyone was interested! Swipe left for even more detail. Save this post, share it, spread the word! (Also side note: this is a throwback way back from Sophia’s baby shower - the most recent pic we have together because I was not about to post a flyer on the feed 💁🏾‍♀️)
  • All I need in this life of sin...p.s. a bunch of old guys kept asking us where we are ‘from’ (because obvs we couldn’t be from here 🙃) - and they couldn’t believe it was Pakistan either - im going to just say outer space next time...👽 #girlfriends #ladiesnight #gno
  • SO glad I forced myself to go out tonight with my girls, sometimes we forget how much we love each other’s company 💕 #gno #chicago #girls
  • She won’t even take a bite out of something she doesn’t like - I learn lessons from this QUEEN every damn day! 🙏🏾💕 👑 👧🏻
  • When you always think the song is about you 🎶 (Queen + Adam Lambert tour here we come!)
Also going to do more stand up comedy this year because, well - being a wife and mom - no one listens to me any more and I need my validation so...yeah
Also: wearing this coat all winter long because I’m a proud outfit repeater 👊🏽 (Also because I’m an old coat kind of girl  don’t @ me) ~
  • 1) hanging with my sister Nusrat who has been here visiting since New Year’s Eve - we are 13 months apart so basically we’re twins 👯 except when it comes to our personalities we are polar opposites ☯️ she has always been the one person who constantly humbled me  whenever I thought I was too cool (which was often) she would put me in my place (whether I liked it or not) and now as an adult I really appreciate that 
2) me doing Nusrat’s makeup as I’ve always been the resident makeup/hair/stylist in the family
 3) Sophia’s lewk 😍 
2019 is starting off pretty great I’d say!

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