8 Things To Do Today Instead of Watching The Inauguration

nordstrom-pleione-sweatshirt-rufflesIf the idea of watching Donald Trump become the President of the United States makes you want to puke in your mouth just a little, but you can’t seem to avoid catching glimpses of the Trump clan everywhere you look, try one of these alternatives to keep your cool. If you are one of those people who are like, ‘he’s President, get over it!’ my answer to you is ‘no’.

  1. Check out these awesome Museums providing free admission as a refuge from the inauguration today only! 
  2. Help support the women’s march on Washington even if you can’t make it, this article has plenty of ideas of ways to support the causes that will need the most help during this administration, including women, minority, and LGBTQ rights – many of which don’t require writing a check.
  3. Go shopping! Not online, local! Experience the joy of meandering through a beautiful shop and notice all of the details and unique visual design, and even possibly meet and chat with store owners. You know, like they used to do in the olden days! Now that would make America pretty darn great. Here’s a cool list of local Chicago shops to check out.
  4. In a direct act of defiance to the incoming administration, go to the library, check out a book, and then actually read it. Bonus points for books on Civil Rights and Fascism.
  5. If reading isn’t your thing, but you still want to educate yourself on some real stuff, watch ’13th’ on Netflix. At the very least it will give you a better understanding of the history of race relations in our country. Also while you are there, binge watch ‘Chewing Gum’. (its just a really, really, funny show). 
  6. If you are going to watch the inauguration after all, why not make a drinking game out of it? Here’s a good one created by Rolling Stone. My fave: whenever he doubles up a modifier, i.e. “many, many” or “very, very.” (@pat_donovan)
  7. Listen to the part of the song where DJ Khaled, Future, and Jay Z obviously couldn’t think of any more lyrics in ’I Got The Keys’ (Start at 3:07) – it makes me chuckle every time – obviously I’m easily amused.
  8. Start that new hobby, job, or even write the next great American novel if you are so inclined – remember – if Donald Trump can be President, anything is possible!

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