Back To School Shopping at Woodfield Mall

back-to-school-shopping-woodfieldSchool is starting next week! I saw a video that perfectly describes my feeling – in it a mom drops her child off to Kindergarten, sobbing all the way home and every day after. In the next scene she is dropping off for First grade, singing Hallelujah while calling her friends to hang out and celebrate. Pretty darn accurate.

Lately I’ve had to get Adam involved in every clothing decision because, as I’ve learned, he will go to any lengths necessary not to wear things he doesn’t like. I found a few shirts stashed under his bed apparently in an attempt to hide them – one had a cactus print he wasn’t a fan of, and one had a heart somewhere in the design, which was too ‘girly’ for him.

So when Woodfield Mall invited us to do some back to school shopping with them, I didn’t hesitate. I’m there several times a week anyway, I love that it is so spacious and all indoor – this crazy weather makes outdoor shopping such a hassle. It is also an easy way for me to get a little exercise strolling Sophia around while checking out the latest trends and my low-key favorite thing to do- people watching. Shopping isn’t really his, or most six year old boy’s, favorite past time, so luckily I was able to bribe him to behave by promising a trip to the Virtual Reality experience, and a new splat ball from the Splat Kiosk. Check out our day on my IG story before its gone! And why not follow me too while you are at it 😉

We hit up several stores but found the most luck at Kids Foot Locker. I fell in love with these shoes, but after trying them on he decided on this pair. They have a lot of great sportswear too, so we picked up some cool Adidas tees and jackets too. He already has this Fjallraven backpack which I love, and it is also available at Urban Outfitters.

Shop Adam’s Back To School Style:

Shop My Look:

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