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Better Late: A Summer Story with Thacker NYC

But for real, I’m making some changes- in life – better late than never is my motto! Well hello there friend! Welcome! I’ve got a few life updates to share with ya today! This post was hard to type, and that is not because I have some crazy long acrylic nails on right now – even though I do (seriously

Silk Pajama Blouse + High Waist Denim

Fancy enough for a girls night out, and comfy enough for a girls night out in your 30’s. There I was, naked, standing in front of a row of colorful pieces that have accumulated over many years through careful choosing, or on complete whims. I had no time to waste and I was starting to get the first signs of anxiety. It

Notes…Whore or Housewife?

The other day some guy called me a whore as a response to one of my YouTube videos in an attempt to hurt my feelings. However, I saw it as a sign of good tidings instead. I had actually just purchased my copy of Whorticulture and was anxiously awaiting its arrival. The books aim is ‘dismantling the toxic and oppressive behavior regularly