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Summer Style: Bahamas Vacation

I really love sleeping in my own bed, but I’m already missing all of that colorful tropical Bahamian sunshine. It is going to be impossible to top Sophia’s first birthday party in the Bahamas. Too bad she slept through most of it! Read more about our trip below, and scroll down for links to my vacation looks! After doing a

Tragedy, Loss, Entitlement

Peace and Blessings Manifest With Every Lesson Learned -Erykah Badu Let’s talk about tragedy for a second. Big and small. There is that saying about how our happiness isn’t┬ádefined by what happens to us, but how we choose to┬áreact to it. We can’t control what happens, but we can control our reaction. That makes complete sense to me, but it

Cursed At Birth With Bad Judgement And Good Looks

I was going to preface this blog post by saying something minimizing like, oh this is just a free write – or I’m just rambling today – but then I said F that. I sometimes wonder why I’m so timid and hell-bent on pleasing others. Where is my self-confidence I so proudly exclaim I posses? Growing up I was always