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Settling in to the week after a holiday weekend is always a little rough, and today was no exception. We spent Easter Sunday with the Sandberg’s and had a lot of fun and ate way too much food as per usual. Now its back to clean eating and yoga…after the leftovers are gone, that is 😉  Adam and his cousins

Spring Neutrals

Ok so maybe I should switch the title of this post to read ‘year-round neutrals’ because honestly that has been my go-to season after season. One look in my shoe closet, you will notice there is a disproportionate number that are grey, blush, beige, and as many shades of ‘nude’ as there are actual skin tones in this world. The

Frayed denim and Slingbacks

I received these two-tone frayed hem jeans while I was pregnant, and I have been counting the days that I could wear them ever since. I was just able to button them up all the way the other day and that was a good enough reason for me to decide to wear them, though to be honest I still need