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Master Bedroom Refresh

It has been about five years since we moved in, but I had never quite finished our master bedroom design. I was always prioritizing other things and it sort of just got left behind. I am currently testing out the Reverie Adjustable Sleep System (my review will be up this week!), and getting a new bed gave me just the push I needed

Home Makeover – Before and After

Today I’m so excited to finally share a home design project I worked on last year. I’ve always loved Interior Design and when I started this blog it was actually to focus on two topics, fashion and Interiors. The Fashion part sort of took over but I’ve never actually stopped doing projects on the side for friends and family and clients I found

A Tea Party with Tea India

One of my fondest memories as a child was when I was given the honor to serve tea to our guests. I remember practicing by replaying the scene in my mind, being extremely careful not to spill or wobble while walking, and imagining just how much I would be impressing everyone with my serving skills. Tea was a staple in any self-respecting South