How To Be Happy

Don’t be a clone – just be a clown! If there is anything more certain to cause you distress, it is trying to be something you are not. Don’t live life for other people for fear of being judged or…

Notes…Whore or Housewife?

The other day some guy called me a whore as a response to one of my YouTube videos in an attempt to hurt my feelings. However, I saw it as a sign of good tidings instead. I had actually just purchased…

Video: Introducing Mented Cosmetics + Rant

Redefining ‘nude’ lipstick for women of color, by women of color. Hi Guys! Today’s video is a try on haul of the capsule collection of Nude lipsticks for women of color (by women of color) from Mented Cosmetics! Redefining what…


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