Giving it back

On the beach with Tom during my last trimester

I often complain that there are just not enough hours in the day. With work, baby, husband, and all of my hobbies, I crave time to sit and just think. In a recent yoga class, the teacher reminded us that there are some things in life that simply cannot be rushed, like a pregnancy. A nice thought, but I still manage to be the first out of class during shavasana (final relaxation).

That’s also why it is hard for me to choose one interest and perfect it, because I’m constantly learning about new things that I want to try. My goal is that some day I will be a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. I wouldn’t be happy any other way!

I have a slight advantage to a lot of people when it comes to appreciating the good things in life, because I’ve cheated death more than once. I think I needed to cheat it twice to really get the message, because I tend to learn my lessons the hard way. Joking aside, I will write about that in another post someday. Being grateful is not just a mantra I say, its something I live by because of personal experience.

That is the story behind my giving back page. It is where I will chronicle the causes that I am passionate about, and any events I participate in that are in some way benefiting our world, paying it forward.


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