The Master Bedroom Project

Those who know me also know that I love everything Rachel Zoe. We both gave birth to our sons for the first time in March of this year, which also explains why I have been unable to keep up with my posts for a while. Juggling baby and work has been more than enough for me to manage, and often times I felt there were just not enough hours in the day to get anything else accomplished. In addition, we had to find time to buy and move into a new home, and put our old home up for rent. Rachel also recently moved on her show, and I am loving the relaxed feel to the home – it is modern but still cozy. That is what I am trying to accomplish in my place, and I plan to blog about it a bit here.

Here is what I’m starting with. That is baby Adam laying on the bed, by the way. This bed is from Room & Board, and I love the industrial feel to it. I am thinking white linens and a neutral grey/taupe/black pallet. I also want to soften the look of the room with wood and other materials.
I have new pictures I will have to upload and post here soon, its not finished but it is coming along nicely so far!

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