Tomatoes are Planted!

Here’s the latest on my tomato garden. Since I am still new at this, I decided to go raised bed style as it is easier to control the conditions for the plant to thrive, or so I’m told.

I have grown tomatoes in the past with some luck, in a taller planter. Tall garden planters happen to make growing tomatoes easier. I put some bamboo garden stakes in and tied them with some garden tape for them to grow tall.

Moreover, while searching for a how-to guide for vegetable gardening, I found a lot of resources that were helpful. However, my favorite is definitely The Vegetable Gardeners Bible. You learn so much about the why’s in addition to the how’s. If you are looking to start gardening, I highly recommend it! But before you venture on the journey of gardening, it would be a good idea to know whether you have a green thumb or not. While some people have magic in their hands, others may have to work a little harder to learn how to grow a healthy plant. If you are new to this, you could also look for professional landscaping services to help you with your lawn maintenance. The services might include mulching, planting, landscape design, hardscaping, gutter cleaning, and much more. That way, you can learn about all of the processes involved and then attempt to do it on your own the next time. And if you want to implement better ways, such as indoor gardening techniques and greenhouse growing methods, you can look at lighting options from Scynce LED and similar companies that can help you improve on your hobby.

You can even use pebbles to decorate your garden to make it look more attractive. Like, if you have an eroding pathway, you can cover it with pebbles for an instant facelift. If the area is heavily trafficked, you may want to use 20-30mm pebbles with a depth of coverage of 50-70mm for the best results. You may simply need to look for a Stone Supplier in your area who has a large selection of pebbles so that you can select the structure that can work best for your garden area.

By the way, the planter on the right is holding my strawberries a purchase I made on a whim, and a wish. I cannot say that I am a fan of strawberries. However, I cannot deny that I like strawberries. It is a kind of mixed feeling that keeps me motivated to grow them. I just hope that they grow well and grow healthy. Crossing my fingers. I will keep you posted.

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