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This weekend we are having a much overdue family portraits Virginia Beach done. I cancelled the last one because, among other things, I didn’t have the right outfit for the pictures. When taking pictures professionally, I always go classic over trendy, and conservative over flashy for clothing. I also need to be comfortable, I am pear shaped, so this dress is extremely flattering. The tie wraps around the smallest part of the waist, and the skirt is full and flowy.

Below is how I would style this dress for a family portrait. For a party or wedding, I would wear a bright necklace or featherweight sweater, either fuchsia or neon yellow, and I’d wear a pencil heel or flats. My husband will be wearing Jcrew, the Chambray shorts and a white shirt. I still have to buy my baby something to wear! I will share some pictures from our session as soon as I get them!
Channel your inner icon

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