Favorite Thing – EcoSphere

Here is a great idea for a father’s day gift, or a gift for any occasion, especially for that person who has everything. I’m actually giving it to my all-things-fish-loving husband for our anniversary tomorrow.

The EcoSphere contains marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms. Made from hand blown glass, each is a completely enclosed, self-sustaining little world. They only need indirect light and comfortable room temperature (between 60F and 80F.) You can keep them on your desk at work, on your bedroom nightstand, or on a console table in an entryway.

They run from about $60 for the small spheres, like the one pictured, to upwards of $400 for the extra large spheres.

Here’s a picture that shows the size that I bought. They come in bigger sizes as well.

How it works: A closed system recycles its nutrients and does not produce excess waste. The shrimp consume the algae and micro-organisms and they, in turn, break down the shrimp waste. External light, either artifical or natural, keeps the algae growing. There is no feeding or water changes required. The average life span is between 2 and 3 years. You can get them on Amazon.com.

Here’s a closeup of the life inside. Amazing!

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