Favorite Thing – Getting Organized!

Just about every weekend I get asked what I am going to do, and my answer is usually “organize… (insert room here)”. I don’t love organizing, I’d rather be doing so many other things, but I do love the feeling of having things properly put away in their place.

More importantly, being organized helps you make the most of the things that you do have, therefore making you more efficient, and less wasteful- of time and money- time spent searching for things, and money spent buying things you have but can’t find.

My shoe rack, courtesy of my new closet.

I grew up in a large family, with five children in the home, so naturally there was constantly clutter surrounding me. It was such a luxury for me to visit friends whose homes were immaculate, and I think I always dreamed one day I’d enjoy that too. My home today is far from immaculate, but when it does get especially out of hand, I can feel myself getting uncomfortable. That is when my need to organize comes in.

One of the worst culprits I can think of when it comes to clutter, is fashion jewelry. We all take great care of our real gold and real diamonds, but what about all of the jewelry that isn’t that expensive, or doesn’t matter that much? Usually that gets stuck in a jewelry box where it will knot itself with everything else in there. Not fun.

I found these awesome jewelry organizers on Amazon, you can get them here. The best part is that they fit inside of a normal drawer. I have a few of them in different sizes all in one drawer. It comes with a plastic top to prevent dust from getting in, I love them!

I also have a ton of the drawer organizers called dream drawers, they are a plastic divider that you can add to any drawer to separate t-shirts, socks, undies, you get the picture. They are absolutely necessary.You can get those here as well.

If you don’t have room to have a shoe rack built in to your closet – I sure didn’t until I moved to the ‘burbs – you can do the next best thing and get yourself some hanging shoe organizers. I like the ones that are meant for sweaters or for men’s shoes, because they are larger, so you can fit really high heels or boots in them.

Good luck organizing! What are your favorite organizational tools?

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