Master Bedroom Project – Update

To update the Master Bedroom project I posted long ago….
This picture is what we started with. This bed is from Room & Board. If you get a bed from there, definitely get the mattress from there too, because they are sized to fit their bed frames. A regular mattress- even the really high end ones, will not fit as perfectly. Choosing your mattress depends on how you sleep and what level of firmness you need to get to sleep, this can be made harder if you are sleeping in the same bed as someone who likes a different type, so it may be best to shop around as the bedframe is important BUT your mattress is even more so. You need to ask the right questions, such as – What firmness is best for ____? Are Vispring Mattresses Worth The Money? Can it be trialled for a specific amount of time before a decision is made? As long as you know what to say you’ll find a mattress that will suit you both and any other little visitors that decide to hop into bed with mom and dad in the morning/evening.
Little Adam laying on the new mattress in his new home.
And now….

The only thing i am lacking really is the art. I am waiting for the perfect piece to invest in, something that inspires me or means something to me, I just haven’t found it yet.

Bedding from West Elm, pillow and throw from Crate and Barrel, side tables from Pottery Barn, acrylic coffee table from CB2, ottoman and love seat from Macy’s furniture. Lamps from Menards, storage baskets from Target.
A close up of some of my current favorite books. Baby in the background is much bigger now. 
We wanted to get a large piece here to flank one wall, to add interest and also work with the size of the room. My dream would be to get a custom made wall to wall entertainment center with a fireplace in the middle. But for now, we bought two of these entertainment centers from Ikea, and placed them side by side.
These baskets are great for keeping things like remotes, and toys.

Close up up the items on the entertainment center.

A picture of Tom and I, and our late kitty Stinky.

Adam and I posting on the blog!

The reason why we bought this house. The view.

Close up of our view. God is great.

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Tom’s 50th birthday was all that and a bag of chips! Thanks to our amazing friends and family for making this milestone so special. The cake almost burned the house down with all those candles 😉 but we survived! Happy birthday to my @tom_sandberg! Love you! You didn’t peak in the 90’s you’re still out here getting cuter! ❤️ #birthdayparty #90sparty
Cheers to the weekend! 🥂 Currently in paint covered yoga pants prepping for Tom’s 90’s theme birthday party - more on stories! Thanks @sabrinacostahomes for the candid 📸
Had the best birthday night out thanks to my gorgeous girls! Ilysm!
Ready for birthday girls night out! 🎂 🎉 #virgoszn
Friday mood…
Join me while I gather eggs and check what’s growing in my veggie garden🪴 🐓 Veggie update: Currently my zucchini is slowing down (praise the Lord! 🙏🏾)Tomatoes are slowly but surely ripening, I have a bed of sweet potatoes and yellow onion, and some butternut squash, eggplant, and bell peppers, and one pumpkin so far! Cucumbers had a moment early summer but seem to be done now. I also tried to do grapes but they were a fail. Every year in the garden is an experiment and a learning experience! #veggiegarden #chickencoop
I like big blooms and I cannot lie! 🌸 🥰 #hydrangeas
Ratatouille with a side of air fryer chicken and some crusty bread 🤌🏾 I called it ‘lazy girl’ Ratatouille but ‘busy girl’ would have been more accurate - because you save a lot of time by cooking the eggplant, zucchini, and peppers separately. Easy, fast, and fresh - give it a try! #dinnerideas
5 years old and already way too cool for mommy!