5 Easy Ways To Personalize Your Space

Your home, whether it is a house, apartment, or room in your parents basement, should be filled with things that make you smile. If nothing more, it will make you appreciate the small things in life every day.

Here are 5 ways to personalize your house to make it a home:

1. Hang a picture mobile in a place you wouldn’t expect it. I have this one hung up in the laundry room. I got this mobile from Urban Outfitters, I like that you can update the pictures easily by switching them out.

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2. Write a note somewhere – and change it up! You can use a chalk board, or put a few inspirational words on a wall, just make the message mean something to you. One of my friends told me how wall decor is considered a kind of art. If you’ve a friend who is into decor and everything artsy, custom gift ideas such as these might make their day.

Image above: Polyvore.com

The picture above is from one of my all time favorite websites, Design*Sponge. Actually, this entire home is amazing and worth a look!

3. Add a chandelier, or even just a decal!

I love the look of chandeliers and pendant lights, they make any space feel more cozy and polished. The first picture is very romantic and feminine, where the second feels more regal and masculine.

LInk to this image

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If you don’t want to invest in a chandelier, or you can’t or just don’t want to run electrical through your walls, a decal of a chandelier could do the trick! But how do you do decal printing? Well, you can find a lot of companies out there (like Platon Digital Graphics, for instance) that can help you design a decal of your choice.

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4. Showcase your hobbies, creatively. If you are a foodie, and love to grow herbs and vegetables, why not put them in matching pots and label them like these? I got this idea from Ina Garten, from a cooking show that I adore, Barefoot Contessa.

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If you are a musician, hang up some of your favorite (lightweight) instruments on hooks to display them, rather than having them laying around the floor waiting to be tripped on. Or print and frame some of your favorite psychedelic art or sheet music for wall art. If you love to sew, get a vintage dress form like the one below. There is something for every hobby imaginable!

5. Incorporate your culture, or your favorite culture! If you are like me, you probably have a slew of saris and shawls with amazing embroidery and thread work that are just sitting in a closet or suitcase somewhere in the house. Use them as a table runner as pictured below. If you don’t think you will need to wear it again, make pillows or curtain panels out of it! World market has a ton of items from around the world that can easily be incorporated into any home decorating scheme. Think Persian rugs, Chinese silks, Egyptian papyrus paper, you get the idea – and you can even buy decor like pattachitra art online directly from India. Until you become an actual world traveler, your house can make you look like one!

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