Metallic and Black

Pants Jcrew here/top Limited old but loving this one/ Shoes Zara no longer available but I think I love these more and these too/Bag Akira/Ring from a small boutique store on a trip to San Diego/Necklace Givenchy via Nordstrom old but here is a similar one.

So funny story… the other day I was getting a mammogram because the doctor thought she felt a lump- I know that part isn’t funny but hear me out – it was a false alarm, but when I was getting my boob squished like a pancake in between the plastic of the machine, the technician decided to ask me when I came to this country.

Really? I thought. Right now? Was my second thought. I mean, I don’t have an accent at all – though my New York friends will tell me I have a Chicago accent- which to them basically means that I say backpack like byack pyack. Which is also funny to me, seeing as how I grew up in California. Oh well!
She ended up being a very sweet, albeit ignorant, woman, but I just found it hilarious that someone could be surprised to know that someone like me – an American girl born of Pakistani descent- could actually exist. I wish I knew some stats I could have given her to educate her a bit, because I do know that there are a ton of us here. Most of us have parents that came here in the 70’s after the Vietnam War was over. My American/German/Italian/Polish husband got a good laugh out of the conversation as well. 
On a more serious note (hah), here’s an outfit I’d wear for a girls night out or any ‘night out’ for that matter. It is also conservative enough for a work party or client dinner. I am in love with this clutch I got from Akira with jewels and stones on the clasp. 

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