Animal Prints

I just realized how very little I talk on the phone with my friends. I only talk on the phone at work, or to schedule appointments, or to order takeout – otherwise there are really only two people in the whole word that I call on the phone: 1) my mom, and 2) my husband.

Sometimes when I get a call I get anxious and just let the voicemail get it. Is that weird? Like I am scared what the conversation is going to be, or if I am going to be stuck on the phone against my will. I rationalize it by thinking I’ll just text back later.

Today though, I did pick up a call, and I had such a great ‘catch up’ conversation with a girlfriend, that I decided I am going to make an effort to talk to my friends more often. Not by text or facebook message, but an actual hear-eachothers-voice-phone-call. So the lesson here, pick up your phones! They won’t bite – and both you and the person on the other end will be happier after!

On to the look today, I love this skirt and wear it often. This is one way I’d put it together, with a burgundy sweater with layered necklaces. Oh, and kitten heels are definitely a girls best friend.

Skirt J.Crew/Sweater J.Crew/Shirt AnnTaylor/Belt H&M/Shoes (old) similar/Bag Banana Republic Factory (old) similar/Jewelry- gifts

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