Black and Blue

I’m a big proponent of the shorts with tights look. Here is one example of how I’d wear it. Not only does it flatter the figure and make you look that much more classy, it is actually pretty chic in my opinion. The great thing about the midwest is that we can really pull this off for most of the year – or at the very least half of it! 
So one day, when my husband was out of town for a bachelor party, I noticed some Kohl’s cash on the counter. Usually, our hard earned Kohl’s cash goes wasted in our house – mainly due to our lack of organization, and our complete absence of sense of urgency in using it in time. 
This time, however, I was so happy that I made the effort to use it, because I found these awesome Jennifer Lopez brand shorts that I fell in love with. I just wasn’t really excited about any of the stuff I had at home to wear, and these shorts were practically free with the Kohl’s cash, which just proves that you shouldn’t limit yourself to any particular stores or brands, because you never know what you might find!
These shorts are high-waisted and they fall at the middle of your thigh. I ended up wearing them sans tights -with heels, a black blouse, and a black blazer for the bachelorette party that evening.
Shorts Kohls/Shirt Nordstrom Rack/Booties Ivanka Trump/Bag Kate Spade/Bracelet Guess/Necklace Jcrew (old)

What do you think? Would you wear shorts with tights for fall?

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