Black and White

I never thought I could wear leather pants until I saw this picture of Charlize Theron wearing them so casually. Then I saw my friend post a pic on instagram wearing some leather pants, and she looked so great I have to admit I totally ran out and grabbed some for myself! Well, pleather ones for me. I’m not a huge fan of the zipper in front of these h&m ones that I bought, but I planned on wearing a longer shirt anyway so I didn’t mind. What do you think? Would you rock some leather/pleather pants?
By the way, a few of you have recommended that I make my pictures a little bigger – so I did below. I’m still debating whether it looks too big. Feel free to let me know what you think!
Blouse h&m/Pants h&m/Shoes Vince Camuto/Bag Kate Spade/Necklace Target

A few things about the author that you may not know:

1. I grew up on the West Coast, moved to the East Coast for a few years, and now I’m settled right in the middle of both (slightly to the right of the middle, that is).

2. Both of my parents are 100% Pakistani and Sindhi, but they met in the US.

3. I have a titanium plate in my right collarbone because of a snowmobile accident a couple of years ago.

4. I was very insecure about myself my whole life, until I had a baby. Now I often think, if I could give birth, I can do x, y, or z.

5. I’m the fourth out of five children, which is probably why I love my ‘things’ so much, growing up I had a lot of hand me down everything!

On Monday I plan to announce the giveaway, so definitely stop by again then.

Thanks again for visiting and have a fabulous weekend!

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