Dressed-up Denim

When I first decided to start blogging, I never realized what it would entail. I technically started this blog in 2010 but never really gave it my all, then I got pregnant and, well you know the rest. So, when I really started blogging a couple of months ago, I didn’t know I’d meet so many awesome creative like-minded people. I never really used to read blogs, but now I look forward to posts from fellow bloggers and I find inspiration from their projects as well. So if you are interested in starting a blog, I suggest you do it! It has really allowed me to express some of the creative energy that has been laying dormant probably since I graduated from college and got my first real j-o-b. I believe you have to go after what you love to do, even if that requires you to do it part-time. Most people don’t have a trust fund and all the time in the world – so just do whatever you can, when you can! 
That said, I am excited to share that my first styling project begins tonight – when we are done, I will post the pictures to see if you agree with my choices! The goal is going to be updating an entire wardrobe for fall/winter. Since it is still practically summer weather now, and we want things that will last through the Chicago winter, that is going to be a challenge, but I am definitely up for it!

There are some occasions where only denim will do. I like to dress up my denim with jewelry and sparkly shoes. This is a look I’d wear out for a casual dinner or shopping. 

jeans forever 21 (old)/denim shirt H&M/Shoes zara/Bangles Candies/Nacklace Givenchy similar

You may have noticed that I’m taking my pictures out of the backyard for a change. I’m just trying to make things a little more interesting around here! I have a few things I am excited about that are coming up in September: date night this Friday, a wedding in New York, and a wedding in Virginia. I will, of course, be snapping pictures along the way!

By the way, sorry for the constant blog site construction going on lately. I’ve been playing around with fonts and layout and teaching myself everything, and let’s just say there is a bit of a learning curve involved…

Thanks for visiting!

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