Favorite Thing – The Family Rug

One of my favorite places to shop for the home is CB2 – the prices are affordable, and they have some awesome collaborations with designers to make some really unique pieces. So that is why I am so excited that some of my ultimate favorite interior designers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, designed a cool and fun rug that would be a great addition to a family room, play room, or any room at all. The rug says FAMILY on it, but when you view it from the side, it really just looks colorful with a geometric pattern. I just love it!

Not only do I adore the fun yet functional style of design that Robert and Cortney embody in their work, but I also love the way they work together and thrive off of each other’s creativity. They always end up creating a space that is fresh and unexpected. Oh, that and the fact that they are living my absolute dream life, I’m a bit obsessed. I could probably be happy with a few less kids though, God bless them for that!

Also from CB2 – they have this series called “One of a Finds” occasionally where they do limited edition special collaborations with designers. For our family room, I bought two of these Lewis tables below to use in place of a traditional coffee table, so that we could easily move them around and use them where we wanted. The coolest part is that the designer, Jason Lewis, is a Chicagoan! I love supporting local talent if I can.

Read more about the Lewis tables at:   http://blog.cb2.com/home/2011/7/1/one-of-a-finds-the-lewis-table.html

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