Easy DIY Art Project

I’ve been working on the guest room for some time now, and I am pretty close to putting the final touches to my room design. The big reveal is coming soon, I promise! 
This project idea came from my mom, who is a lover of art and design as much as I am. This hand-beaded piece was originally a part of a traditional Pakistani dress. I decided to make it a point of interest in the guest room. This also helped me decide on my color palette for the room, which will be rust, charcoal, black, and beige. 
You can do this with any fabric that you love, cut into a shape that goes with your design aesthetic. It is such a quick and easy way to make original art! 
Step 1. Decide which fabric you are going to use. 

Step 2. Tools that you need – scissors, pins, seam ripper

Step 3. Rip seams of fabric or cut into desired shape. Lay fabric on frame – secure with pins if necessary. Lay matting under fabric. I bought these frames from Target.

Step 4. Double check the fabric is laying how you want it to look, and close the frame backing.

Close up of the prints

Hang the frames and enjoy your (not so) hard work!

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