As evidenced by today’s look – I love dressing ladylike. Like Steve Harvey suggests we do, I think like a man, but act (and dress) like a lady. When I say I think like a man, I mean I just ‘get’ the way men think more than the way some of us girls think, myself included. I’d love it if we could compartmentalize things like men do, and not stress about things as much as we do, real or imagined. I love the Covino and Rich radio show way more than Cosmo radio, I play fantasy football, and I would rather spend my calories on an Italian beef sandwich, than on cupcakes. By the way, on Covino and Rich, I was sort of excited when I googled them and they are total hotties! You don’t expect radio guys to be good looking, just sayin’. 
I’m definitely not one of those girls who doesn’t like girls though, I love my girl friends! The older I get, the more I realize just how important my girlfriends and sisters are. I cherish my girls nights out and I make sure to make time for them no matter how busy my life gets. 
About the look- when I saw this dress at H&M, I fell in love. It reminds me of something Kate Middleton would wear, which is reason enough for me to want it. They didn’t have my size, (well they did, but I am two sizes bigger at H&M and I always forget that fact), lucky for me there was one left in my size hanging in the fitting room waiting to be restocked. It was like it was destined for me! Haha, I’m joking! Sort of…
Dress H&M/Necklace TJ Maxx/Shoes Nine West (old) similar/Bag Tory Burch/Jewelry Vince Camuto Bangle, gold bangles (gift)/Cocktail Ring New York and Company (old) similar/Watch Skagen/Scarf in bag H&M/Lips Mac Impassioned (Amplified) 

Absolutely love this detail on the back – Elegant and sexy at the same time.

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