Orange and Blue

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately. I have family visiting and it has been tough getting any private time. Last night I would have, but that plan was put on hold when my son broke a glass with my face! I was holding a glass and he was thrashing around excitedly – and the next thing I know, it shattered on my jaw line! I seriously think I might have a piece of glass in there – I’ll find out tomorrow after I see the doctor. They don’t tell you to expect abuse when you are expecting! I have been head butted more times than I can count, sometimes to tears, and I have had so much hair pulled out of my head I am surprised I have any left! Ahh, the joys of motherhood…
Work has also picked up quite a bit, and I’ve made a conscious effort not to do any blogging related work during the work day. I can’t be slacking at work, I’ve got sales quotas to meet, after all! 
About the look – I love this H&M blazer, they carry it in bright orange or pink – they are such a great shape and the perfect length to flatter most people. I think if you are going to do something bright, a blazer is the perfect piece to do it with. I paired it with a bright bag on the opposite of the color spectrum, and personally love the combo! What do you think? Would you do a bright orange blazer?
Blazer H&M/Jeans Zara/Shoes Vince Camuto/Sweater H&M (old)/Bag H&M/Turquoise ring Kohls/Layered necklaces Target, Banana Republic/Watch Michael Kors

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