Rent the Runway?

Okay so… we all have probably heard of Rent the Runway- I think the first time I heard of it was on Oprah way back in the day. I was always hesitant because I didn’t know if the sizing would be right and the whole second hand thing was never really my thing. For some reason though, this year – I decided to try it out for a wedding that I needed two dresses for. I thought it would be fun to wear some designer dresses that I probably would never get the chance to wear. The hardest part for me was choosing a dress without being able to try it on.

I just got the dresses in last night, and I am beyond excited to show you how they look at the wedding. Also, Adam is a ring bearer so I will have cute baby in a tuxedo photos to share as well. I will be a little busy for the next few days since we are making the trip a little mini vacay- to visit Niagara Falls and Canada, so I will have fun photos from the trip to share next week!

Here are the dresses:

Kate Spade for the rehearsal dinner

Elizabeth and James for the wedding

Two of my favorite colors – kelly green and blush. I am going to accessorize the green with gold, and the blush with nude/blush colored shoes and gold and diamonds. What do you think? Have you or would you ever tried Rent the Runway?

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