Sneak Peek – Style Consultation – Renee

I mentioned a while back that I had my first styling appointment the other day, here are some pictures of our session taken by my iPhone. The full post will follow once we are done with our fall shopping!
In life, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. I apply that principle in any project, whether it is a room design or a styling project. So the first step is always a consultation where we look at what you already have and figure out what we need to add to achieve our goals within budget.
What really surprised me was that Renee actually had a lot of great staples, like these great fitting jeans below- in  a variety of colors and styles. These are things that you should invest in, so I am glad we can use more of the budget on trendy fall pieces. 
She also had these amazing custom made oxford shirts from Italy – and they had NEVER BEEN WORN! She felt they looked too masculine and never knew how to style them. I personally think oxfords can look very feminine and also add polish to a look, they are an absolute must for everyone.
Scroll down to see a few of the pictures that we took of her current wardrobe. 
Skinny jeans, straight leg, dark wash, light wash, black. She does not need to buy any more denim to get through the fall!
These are the custom Italian made shirts. They are SO beautiful in real life, the material is very high quality.

Here is one shirt purchased but never worn because she did not know what to wear it with. I will show you how I style it in the follow-up post. This is actually a full-sleeve blouse. She also has a lot of blouses in some great colors and prints. We will definitely get a lot of use out of those.

Another gorgeous piece that was purchased, but never worn. We will change that.
Blazers galore. 
She had so much fabulous jewelry – her collection puts mine to SHAME. This is one set of arm candy that I threw together and kind of love.
Another beautiful necklace. Reminds me of one that J.Crew is currently carrying.
Another beautiful chain-link necklace. 

So what we decided after the meeting was to add a few key pieces. We will be adding shoes, cardigans, trousers, and skirts. Stay tuned for my picks for Renee’s fall wardrobe update!

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