While I Was Out…

Sorry for missing my post today! I flew in late last night from my trip, and I was just too exhausted to do anything! I also came home to a few laundry baskets of clean clothes that needed to be put away, and I just couldn’t rationalize doing anything instead of taking care of that business. So I did what I thought was best, and went to bed.
Here are some pictures from the trip! Adam slept through the wedding, and the only picture I got of his tie and sperry top-sider combo was on my cell phone- when he finally woke up for a brief moment when we got back to our hotel room. So, the pictures below are from the wedding, my dress is Ayesha Yousaf. The next day we did a trip to D.C. where we planned to watch the Bears game at Union Pub, but it was so packed that we couldn’t get in! We were determined to watch the game and found another place a few blocks away. Across the street was an Armands Pizza- this was the Chicago for all the nostalgic people in D.C.
I know… I ripped my shoe dancing at the wedding. My feet are also swollen for the same reason!

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

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