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A while back I mentioned I had a few things planned this month, including the Chicago Ideas Week talk about fashion, girls night out, Dogtoberfest, and a fashion preview of Cotton Candy Couture’s new lines. Well, I honestly planned to do all of these things, but life sort of got in the way and I didn’t get to all of them. What is it they say – people plan, God laughs? Right. I decided that from now on, I will wait until after I do something to talk about it.

So, here is a good summary of the Fashion Talk that I missed out on – I heard it was really inspiring!
Dogtoberfest happened on the coldest, rainiest day yet this year, and I wimped out and didn’t go. However, I do have some adorable pictures from the doggy costume contest from their Facebook page here! The hot dog is my favorite!
I almost wimped out from attending the Cotton Candy Couture preview because of my surgery to remove the piece of glass that my toddler accidentally smashed into my face. I have a little bandage on my chin and I was feeling majorly insecure about it. I know that is a little shallow but it is the truth. Eventually I bucked up and went, mainly because I didn’t want to go back on my word and I had already rsvp’d over a month ago. I am so glad I went because I was really impressed by the pieces! 
I met the designer, Jenna Zielbauer, who was equally sweet and beautiful. Below are some pictures I took of the collection that will be available for purchase soon! I would describe the clothes as a fun, beautifully feminine, one of a kind collection of formal and semi formal pieces. 
Loved this sweet entry table!

One of my favorites is this yellow and white dress for sure.

Such fun detail on some of these dresses, from beads to feathers to peplum. Also, I’m in love the the animal prints!

Jenna Zielbauer
You can visit Cotton Candy Couture’s website here.
By the way, my styling session with Renee is NEXT weekend, I got my dates mixed up. I’ll have a post about that session then. Promise.
Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

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