Fall Wardrobe Styling

 My cancelled trip to New York turned out to be blessing in disguise because Adam came down with a fever on Friday afternoon – the highest he has ever had in his life so far – but thankfully it cleared up by Saturday morning. I am happy to report he is as rambunctious as ever now. 
Another bonus for staying in town, I got to meet with Renee earlier than scheduled to pull together a few looks with the new items we purchased on our shopping session last weekend. Scroll down to see how we put different looks together using what we bought for (slightly over) $500, and what Renee already had in her wardrobe. I’ve also listed the prices of the items we purchased and where we bought everything from.We had so much fun, and we had to limit ourselves to how many looks we shot for this post, or we would have been busy all weekend! Enjoy!










Loved this look so much, I had to show you two angles of it!



Even though I love all of the looks, my absolute favorites are 1, 4, 11, and 16. Which ones are your favorite?
Here is the break down of what we bought with our $500 budget:
1. Teal Green Blazer – Nordstrom Rack – $29.97
2. Peach high-low blouse – Nordstrom Rack – $14.97
3. Black patent pumps – Steve Madden via Marshalls – $34.99
4. Animal print pumps – Target – $29.99
5. Dark Purple long sleeved dress MaxStudio via Nordstrom Rack – $39.97
6. Chunky knit far isle sweater – Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack – $69.97
7. Fuschia blazer – H&M – $29.95
8. Nude pumps – Guess via Macy’s $97.23 – $50 giftcard Renee already had = $40.57
9. Suede neutral grey pumps – Coach via Marshalls – $79.00
10. Black suede ankle strap platform pumps – Target $14.99 (clearance) 
11. Moto blazer – mixed material – H&M – $49.95
12. Striped gold & black high-low blouse – Nordstrom Rack – $18.97
13. Black tie neck blouse – H&M – $24.95
14. Sequined sweater – H&M – $34.95
15. Grey shift dress with leather detail – MaxStudio via Nordstrom Rack – $39.97

Grand Total: $553.16

Note: We went over budget thinking we would return one pair of shoes, but they were such a great deal and we felt that it was something that Renee would get a lot of use out of, so we decided to keep it!


I had to stop and think on Saturday, after Adam’s fever ordeal, just how grateful I am for everything I have in my life. Saturday morning, I got to snuggle with Adam in the morning and play with his fingers and toes in bed for a little longer than usual. During breakfast I sipped my cinnamon laced coffee with hazelnut creamer while I leafed through the new US weekly and Allure magazines, the smell of fabric softener from the laundry room filling up the house at the same time (one of my all time favorite scents). 
The day was packed but I enjoyed being productive. Tom did some much needed yard work getting ready for the coming winter, I had my client appointment mid-morning, and we had some family coming over for dinner that night. Even stopping by the grocery store and getting a freshly squeezed beet berry smoothie and picking up some good cheese and fruit for appetizers and ingredients for home made pizza was a treat for me. It really is the small things that make life great. I just wish I could always feel so grateful! 
Thanks for visiting! Have a great week!
– Z

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