Trick or Treat

So… it looks like my trip to New York is officially cancelled – I’m so bummed but I guess I shouldn’t complain because I do have power and water and all of that. In all seriousness, my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been touched by Hurricane Sandy. I have friends who have to  go to work, just to *gasp* use the internet! Torture!
I also got to take Adam trick or treating for the first time! He got his cousin, the black ninja below, to come along so he was very excited.  
Here are some pictures from Halloween! 

Eeyore, Black Ninja, and Wide Retreiver out on the prowl for some candy!

I had to drag him away from this house that didn’t answer their door. Haha.
One of the cutest doggy costumes I’ve seen!
Have a great day! Thanks for visiting!

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