Spikes and Chains

Good morning! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend. I can’t believe we are getting a few more days off so soon for New Years- a girl could get used to this!
About the look, the Shoemint shoes pretty much determined this outfit. They are fancy enough to carry this entire look by themselves. So I just wore my favorite Urban Oufitters blazer and a t-shirt and jeans. I think this could be my favorite look ever. Only because it is probably what I wear most often – jeans, t-shirt, heels, blazer. Substitute colors and distressed levels for jeans and you have an entirely new look each time!
Jeans Zara/Blazer Urban Outfitters (old) similar/t-shirt NY&Co (old) can’t find similar link but I love the chain detail!/Shoes Shoemint/Bag Perlina (old) Nordstrom Rack/Sunnies H&M/Watch Michele similar /Bangle Henri Bendel (won in a giveaway – yayay!)

In other news, I am wearing my new Makeup forever HD makeup that I picked up after watching a tutorial from the lovely and gorgeous Ally at Gumboot Glam. I had a lot of friends swear by the stuff but I never actually tried it. I like it a lot. What do you think?

Also, I read an article in the January issue of Glamour  magazine that I really connected with. It is about expressing yourself, written by Lauren Lungerich.

She writes: “From an early age, I’ve been nice. I came out of the womb that way.

And even though in my formative years it felt like the not-so-nice people got ahead, no matter how hard I tried to be vindictive or rock a sexy pouty face,  I just couldn’t, I was too smiley. I still am.”

The point of the article is that you don’t need to be bitchy to be yourself or to get ahead. In fact nice, according to Lauren, is the new cool. So I guess I am en-trend!

I cringe when I hear girls cut each other down, it is now obvious to me that it is their own insecurities playing out. I actually heard someone suggest a girl started wearing orange only because she herself loves and wears orange. The color orange! I’m sorry girl, I wanted to say, but you did not discover that color!

So I hope that in the new year we can all do more to express ourselves, in a positive way, and live our lives truly for ourselves and not for anyone else. Read the article in Glamour for more!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!

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