January- Favorite Things

Good morning! Thanks for visiting! I’m happy to report the flu has officially left my house! Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled life: baby, husband, work, yoga, blog, repeat. Like a baby, I take comfort in routine – so when everything is thrown out of whack I am all the more grateful when it is back to normal.
Since the temps are finally dipping to real winter weather here in Chicago, I thought I would put together a few of my cold weather favorites.  
1. Coral Lipstick – 
Winter makes even the darkest skin tones look dull and pale, so I find wearing a bright pinkish coral tone on the lips, and a coral blush on the apples of the cheeks and a bronze shade of blush on the temples really brightens and brings back that sun kissed look we all love to get in summer. I found a new shade that I am absolutely in love with – L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Tropical Coral with L’oreal Color Riche Lipliner in Timeless Coral. I also love to keep my lips super moisturized with the colorless half of the Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor
Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor
 L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick 

2. Teavana Blooming tea in Peach Momotaro .
I love tea any time of year, but it just works magic in winter. I love the light fruity taste of the peach momotaro tea from Teavana. You have to brew it in a tumbler like below, because the tea needs room to bloom. One bloom can last a whole day! There are some teas that bloom actual flowers, but this one’s is just a little strange looking – to be completely honest. But it tastes great!

3. The Kasbah rug. 
I have an unhealthy obsession with decorating and re-decorating, and West Elm is often a source of inspiration. I just want to lay on this rug with my baby and puppy and play all day. I would love this rug in my life!

I’ve tweeted about my love of Mythic Oil – but I love it even more in winter. My hair is naturally mostly straight, with a slight wave. It is very thick and therefore heavy and extremely time consuming to blow dry. I used to run out  of the house with my hair about 3/4 dry, and I’d end up with frizzies all day long. This takes care of that and more. I just take a few pumps of the bottle onto my hands, and comb into my wet hair with my fingers. I follow up with a smoothing creme from Loreal and then blow-dry. Plus it just smells really nice. Try it!
5. Flat booties – Like these Ivanka Trump Tilly Booties
I will never get on the sneaker wedge trend, sorry Isabel Marant!! I just can’t stand how they look on me. Equally comfy and way cuter in my opinion, are these gorgeous booties by my girl Ivanka. I am starting to get a little bit obsessed with Ivanka Trump’s shoe line if you haven’t already noticed!

What are some of your favorite things this winter?

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