Pink, Black, and Leopard

I love a classic sheath, in this case an a-line skirted sheath I bought from Target a couple of years ago. The silhouette is reminiscent of the 1950’s with the ultra feminine shape that truly flatters every figure. I love layering and paired my simple black dress with a pink button-down shirt and colorful leopard printed cardigan. Wearing leopard shouldn’t be an issue in the workplace, as long as it’s in small doses. I’ve got my trusted Ivanka Trump booties with tights that are slightly more interesting than a solid black shade. 

What is your favorite clothing item to wear to work? Would you wear leopard to work?

 Dress Target (old) similar Button-down Banana Republic Cardigan Target Booties Ivanka Trump (old) Current version Sunnies Kate Spade Tights Target
So I spoke too soon about the flu leaving my home, as it has returned with a vengeance! My poor husband is truly out of commission. I’ve never seen him this sick – ever. I really need to go give to charity like my mom told me to! I also need to read some prayers and blow the post prayer breath onto him. 
If you have no clue what I am talking about, it is a part of my culture for one to pray to God, and then blow the blessings of that prayer on to another whom you wish to bless with those prayers. It is just a small breath, as if you are trying unsuccessfully to whistle. Growing up, sometimes I’d be walking past my mom and she would just blow on my face! There are five of us siblings, so she was more than likely praying for one of us at any given time.
It is funny which memories stick with you once you are long gone from your childhood home. My favorite memory is having chai (tea with milk) by the fireplace with my family,  where we would hold ‘Shah family meetings’ for pretty much everything. If we were having a dinner party, we would delegate responsibilities, if we were buying a car or taking a trip, we would take a vote on it. I wonder what memories little Adam will remember when he grows up? I’m definitely going to incorporate Sandberg family meetings!

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