How to get Beyonce’s Superbowl look

The day after the Superbowl I went to work and spent a good half hour talking about the half-time show with some colleagues. We talked about the actual game for about two minutes, when my friend explained she was rooting for the Ravens because the coach was the ‘cuter brother’ – haha. She also rules the fantasy football league in our office and bases her choices there on the cuteness factor… so maybe she is on to something! 

Anyway, back to Beyonce, we were all drooling over how amazing she looked and how we need to copy her look- for the real-world that is. No one is going to run around in a leather body suit sans pants in real life – especially not in Chicago with the current temps!

Here are two ways to rock the Beyonce Superbowl look. The basic elements are leather and lace, so you may even be able to wear something in your own closet!

Finishing Touches
Hair -lots of volume and mermaid waves

Which look do you prefer? 

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