Thanks everyone for checking out The Urbaness yesterday – I appreciate all of your likes/comments/emails! They really mean a lot to me. There is going to be a follow up piece tomorrow where I share my current cravings – things I think are cool and want for myself.

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Today’s look is casual with a touch of prep. I love a pair of oxford shoes in lieu of flats. It is an easy update to make you look a little bit ‘Brit cool’ – I personally strive to achieve that effortless edgy look that the Brits make look so easy – think Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Victoria Bekham, and Kate Beckinsale – they all look put together but not at all like they are trying hard, even though they probably are!

Linen blazer H&M Shoes Topshop (similar) Jeans Zara Blouse Nordstrom (similar) Sweater Marshalls (similar) Necklace Banana Republic Sunnies Ray-Ban Clutch Marc Jacobs for Target Crossbody Bag J.Crew 
Photography – Carolyn McNamara

For this shoot my friend and photog Carolyn strolled around downtown in the suburbs near us. We checked out a vintage shop where I found a pair of Chanel pumps for $30 – but didn’t buy them because they were scuffed and I knew I wouldn’t actually wear them. Remember that thing I said about buying only what I love? Well I try my best to live by it, even if it means giving up a pair of ridiculously inexpensive Chanel pumps… 

After taking in the sites in town, we stopped in a local bar/restaurant for lunch – expecting the menu to consist of chicken fingers, fries and the like – we were pleasantly surprised to find gourmet steak sandwiches and my favorite- seasoned sweet potato fries! It was really fun and my husband was relieved of his photog duties for a change, something I am sure he appreciated!

I did have to head right home after because I had to get ready for the Oscar party the Chicago Blogger Network was having at Nellcote. I met a lot of really cool people and had a great time overall. I wore a simple black cocktail gown and my Atelier AZZA belt with it. That belt dosent need much help making an outfit look fabulous! Follow me on Instagram for pics!

Have a great day!

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