Dressed-up Denim

Hi! Thank you for visiting as always! Today’s look is another go-to look for me, denim on denim. I love dressing up really simples staples like jeans and button-down shirts with jewelry and accessories like these amazing Vince Camuto shoes I’ve had for years. 
Denim jacket Levis     Jeans Zara   Top Anthropologie   Cuff bracelet gift   Similar   Sunnies   Ray-Ban     Bag   Tory Burch 
Shoes Vince Camuto Loving this pair

I have a confession to make… I haven’t read a book in a WHILE. I mean like, since Adam was born I haven’t read an actual book cover to cover. I couldn’t even get a chance to read 50 Shades of Gray that someone gave me – it has been sitting on my side table for months. Nothing has appealed to me enough to get me to make the effort. Where did all the binge read worthy fantasy fiction and literary works go? Aren’t authors, publishers, and Fantasy book editors for hire, not into making new series of fiction? For now, I am definitely interested in reading Sheryl Sandberg’s new book (no relation, by the way- hah). It’s called Lean In – and it is about women and work and balancing it all. It is a hot topic for many working moms, how to balance work and life. There are some women who look down on others for either working or not working while raising kids. I don’t think there is one right answer, but I do want to read Sheryl’s thoughts on the matter. If you do happen to read it before me (it isn’t out until March 11th) please share your thoughts! 

On another note – I am in process of working with some amazing blogger friends to put together some fun posts – so stay tuned for that! I am so excited for the weekend ahead I can’t sleep just thinking about all of it. I will be sharing it all via instagram of course @zahra_sandberg! What are your weekend plans?

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