Merci Blah Blah – A Guest Post

Today I am so excited to share one of my favorite bloggers with you, Shannan from Merci Blah Blah. I am drawn to her blog because she is not only hilarious, but she has great style and does it all while raising her 5 year old TRIPLETS. So if you were thinking you can’t find time to start a blog – here is some inspiration for you! Scroll down to learn more about Shannan!

P.S. She recently won an award from Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Fashion and Beauty Mom bloggers and the website featured Shannan as one of their 13 Mom Fashion Bloggers to watch in 2013! You can check out the link HERE.

1. Why did you start blogging? 

I actually started blogging in 2008 when I was on bedrest in the hospital (from 25 weeks until delivery at 33 weeks, 6 days, but who’s counting? THIS guy was…). It was a way to maintain my sanity. Sadly, the blog-host that I started with is no longer in existence, so guess what? Neither is that blog. After I had the kids, I realized blogging was STILL a way to maintain my sanity, plus, I’ve always loved fashion, design, celeb trivia, and writing, so it was a way to combine all of those loves in one giant Fashiony Designey Love Stew.

2. You have toddler TRIPLETS -so basically you are superhuman – how do you find the time to blog? 

Au contrairie. I mean, I DO have triplets, and they will turn FIVE in May, which I can’t believe, but I am far from super-human. One way my blog is such an outlet for me is because it allows me to keep it real about my kids. I am always amazed by those blogs who seemingly have perfect families, and never have any stress, and their kids never pull their weiners out in public or act inappropriately, not to mention the parents. I am under no allusions. With three at once, it’s an extreme situation, with extreme instances of stress and guilt, but also extreme joy and happiness. I think I’m pretty honest when I feel like I have been a sh!t parent (which is a lot more than I care to think about), but hopefully in the long run, the kids won’t need TOO much therapy. Except for that time that my husband sent our daughter to school without pants. That’s a given. And I just realized I didn’t really ANSWER your question – how do I find time to blog? The same way I do with exercise – I make it happen. Usually early in the mornings before anyone wakes up, or after they’ve gone to bed. I take all my OOTD pics after I get ready for work, before breakfast, and while everyone is asleep. Then I edit, upload and write the next day’s post in the evening.

3. What are you into? Likes/Dislikes/Hobbies (anything – food, tv, stores, activities, no activities) – 

Hmmmm….I like reality TV maybe a weee bit too much. Give me some Real Housewives followed up by Intervention, and I’m a happy camper. I also love shopping (duh), kick-boxing, pina coladas and long walks on the beach (tee heeee). My favorite place in the world is Laguna Beach, and if I ever hit the lottery, I am SO THERE. I also love to cook – it’s another creative outlet for me, though I don’t do it all the time. 

4. What is your go to look? (you can describe the pic if you want) – 

Easy – a graphic tee, skinny pants, kickass shoes or boots, a jacket, and great accessories. Done and done. Oh, and if they’re printed skinnies? So much the better. I have a weeeee bit of an obsession with printed pants at the moment. Ahem….

5. What are 3 favorite songs on your playlist right now? 

My number one song that I’m listening to CONTINUALLY is San Francisco by The Mowgli’s. If you listen to that song and can’t get happy, it may be time to look into some xanex. Seriously. As far as what else is on my playlist, I’m totally behind in music, because when I’m in my car, I ONLY listen to audiobooks. I am listening to the most amazing audiobook right now, called Life, On the Line, about chef Grant Achatz. SOOOO good. But back to music, my two absolute favorite CDs are Garden State and The Last Kiss. Both are full of amazing music that transports me to another place every single time I listen to them.

6. Any advice for moms out there who can’t carve out time for style? 

Do not, I repeat DO NOT – wear yoga pants or sweats out in public (unless you’re coming from the gym). And don’t even get me started on people who wear PAJAMAS out – their printed flannel pajamas and slippers assault my eyes. Come on, people, have some pride. Take a page from Stacy and Clinton. It’s just as easy to get dressed in a nice pair of jeans, a tee, some cool jewelry and a jacket as it is in yoga pants (see number 4 above). Whether your jeans are skinnies, flares, boot cut, or straight – find the ones that look best on YOUR body and rock them. Who cares what the latest trend is? If it looks good on you and you KNOW it looks good on you, that confidence will come through.
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