Tahsin The Good – A Guest Post

This is a repost – my son accidentally hit the delete button while I was doing some blog work and deleted this guest post! So here it is again!

Today I am sharing another fantastic blogger- her blog seriously inspires me daily. I met Tahsin a few years ago at a wedding in Florida. I was coming from New York and Tahsin from Toronto, Canada – so we had a few days in a row to hang together and enjoy some really fun Indian wedding festivities. Tahsin is a true artist and always has been – back then she was designing clothes and creating new pieces from salvaged materials. Her blog is full of beautiful photography and inspiration for home decor, design, food, and fashion. Check her out at: Tahsin The Good.

Hello! i’m tahsin. as in tahsin, the good. well that’s what i like to call myself. i have a lifestyle blog which is a mix of food, fashion, family and design – a nice mashup of some of the things i love.

it is meant to be a place where i can create, curate, and express the many facets of myself in one space. because sometimes what pays the bills isn’t enough to fully feed the soul! actually, my work is a combination of things and is pretty fulfilling. i run a summer camp program in fashion, design and diy for girls, and take on freelance projects in art, interior consulting and graphic design. i am also a full time mama to one baby girl with another on the way! 

i met the lovely zahra many years ago at a wedding far from both of our homes (i’m from toronto and she was from albany at the time.) we hit it off pretty instantly and had such a good weekend hanging out, helping out and pigging out!

Why did you start blogging?

i have been wanting to start a blog for many years now and I was the only person holding me back. 

i guess I got lazy. or busy.

or bit of both. 

i started this blog at the beginning of the year and figured that the new year was a good a time as any to start. 

its partly a chance for me to share what i love and partly to meet and connect with others who are like minded. 

i love the idea that someone from across the globe is reading and getting inspired by something that inspires me too!

what inspires you?

oh so many things. 

everything has the potential to inspire. It’s how you perceive them. 

i love and have always loved beautiful things. 

the way paint mixes when rinsed in the sink.

the exquisite and natural beauty of flowers and rocks.

an outfit photographed just so in the middle of the street. 

hot moms who can handle their business. 

instagram. and my feed of daily life, quotes, love and color.

my daughters curiosity, way she learns her giggles and her face.  

so many things! 🙂

what kind of camera do you use? (your pictures are magazine worthy!) 

first – thank you!  

i’m no “pro” so i love getting feedback on my photography, because i enjoy it so much.

i’m having fun experimenting with lighting and getting the right shot. 

i have a canon rebelt t1i dslr with a stock lens and a brand new prime lens. 

I don’t know how to use the new lens and the camera outside of automatic mode yet so a lot of the time I use my iphone 5. 

so shameful, i know!

photography classes are next on the to do list!

How do you balance family and blogging?

still figuring that one out. 

it’s tough, but all things worth their weight are. 

i put in a lot of after hours work and have help with my baby to get work done during the day.

and at the moment because i’m just beginning to navigate this adventure, if i cant make a deadline, i can’t. 

i just try to get back at it the next day. 

i try not to be too hard on myself, although i am my own worst critic and have a tendency to hoard stresses!

What is your favorite recipe?

that’s a tough one. 

i really like food! 

i don’t know if i could pick just one, but i really like my baked ribs recipe. 

it’s a sauce i concocted myself and has always been a hit! 

you’ll have to check a future post on my blog to read (and see) it!

What are your hobbies/likes/dislikes?

i love to paint. its very calming for me. 

i like to read.

go on pinterest and look.

blog surf. 


take photos.


i don’t particularly like rude people. 

always smile and wave is what i say. (as an aside, i went to my likes on pinterest aftwerwards and saw the print in my psot pic! how fitting!!)

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