Wearing White After Labor Day – A Guest Post

My vacay in Maui is coming to an end! I am so sad to say goodbye, because I’ve had the best time here! I tried surfing for the first time and loved it! I also snorkeled, and since it is whale season – we got front row seats to some major whale action. I saw sea turtles, fish, and some gorgeous coral. I’ve also become obsessed with coconut pineapple ice cream! In a waffle cone – of course.

 Just a few more days and I will be back to blogging as usual. I’m so excited to be sharing some of my favorite bloggers with you while I am out – and I’m so glad you are loving it too!

Today I want to introduce you to another fabulous blogger – from the cheekily titled blog Wearing White After Labor Day.  She is an accomplished lawyer, mom, and fashionista. Her style is elegant and classic and I always love checking out how she puts looks together that go from work appropriate to play date to dinner date. Read below for more on Christina!

1. Why did you start blogging? What has the experience been like? 

I started blogging in August of 2009- I had graduated from law school in May, studied all summer for the NY Bar Exam, and was finishing last minute details for my September wedding. I needed a creative outlet! Its been amazing, I have tracked life from back then before I had started my career or my family, and now life is so different! Its great to have the blogging community there to share the experience.

2. Do people at work know about your blog? How do you balance work/family/blogging? 

I started a new job in December of 2012, a few people know and read my blog but I am the youngest in my office by almost a decade so its not really something they are into (and I like to keep it a little distanced from my professional life). Coming home to my 22 month old and the stress of taking care of a new house sometimes requires blogging to take a backseat- but I always find time at night or weekend, since the creative release helps me be a better lawyer, wife and mother (and not in that order 🙂

3. What are some of your likes/dislikes? 

I LOVE spring cashmere, oversized red wine glasses, Bravo TV, Ralph Lauren infant oxford shirts, fresh flowers in small vases, and iced coffee with cream (even in the winter). I dislike chewing gum, powder scented deodorant, arriving home too late to read Goodnight Moon to my toddler, and hurting someone’s feelings.

4. How would you describe your personal style? 

I am pretty into classic style (Chanel tweed, Parisian black and white) but I love elements of modern trend (a huge, bright statement necklace worn over a classic white button down). My perfect outfit is a pair of dark, straight jeans, heels, a silk top, and a JCrew Schoolboy blazer.

5. You obviously have great style – how did you get it? 

My Grandma always crocheted things for me, and bought me a sewing machine when I was 9. She helped me make clothes for my dolls and stuffed animals. Then I went to private school where we had a dresscode from an early age, so jeans and sneakers were never part of my wardrobe. My dad used to take me shopping at the Ralph Lauren store in Americana to pick out cashmere cardigans and polo shirts as a special treat some afternoons. I remember those shopping trips informing my style for years to come.

6. What are some of your favorite beauty products? 

I had acne in my early 20s so I was fastidious about using oil-free products. I have always loved Clinique, and have moved from the acne line to the age defense line. Its never to early to start staving off lines and wrinkles! I think Clinque’s Laser Focus Serum, All About Eyes eye cream, and Bare Minerals powder are my 3 must haves. I have long lashes so I usually rely on a Sheisedo lash curler instead of mascara.

7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start blogging, based on what you have learned so far? 

Dont wait start today! Don’t be afraid of what anyone will think either, the more you share the better you will feel and the more confidence you will develop in your everyday life.

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