I generally love to wear head-to-toe white, but when I have a fresh Hawaiian tan, it is an absolute must that I do so. I wore this outfit to the most fabulous party I’ve attended to date, a family birthday party in West Hollywood – and it was all that I would imagine a swanky Hollywood party would be like, except that it was full of people I loved so it was even better.

We took some pictures in the hotel room and I had fun doing some artsy shots and angles. I finally got a chance to learn how to use my dslr a little bit during this holiday (I’ve been blogging for a little while now knowing next to nothing about my camera), so in the pictures below, we played with manual focus, exposure, and shutter speeds. Hope you like it!

Sunnies: Ray-Ban Jeans: Paige  Shoes: Sam Edelman  Top: Zara  Jewelry: Necklace – Na Hoku Jewelers, Pearls – gift  Watch: Skagen  Bracelets: Vince Camuto

On another note – do you ever have one of those days where everything just goes right? Today was one of those days for me. I got to work on time and even got a chance to do my hair before I left, I had a productive but not too stressful day at work, went to yoga after work, had a nice dinner at home with the family (hubs actually caved and let me watch Rachel Zoe instead of some neutral programming like Modern Family), and now I’m sitting in bed with my baby next to me and my puppy at my feet. Life is good. Yes all four of us sleep in the same bed. Right now we just barely fit but I don’t know what we’re going to do if we have another baby! I actually went to the dmv over lunch, a perfect opportunity for the day to go awry, but I was in and out in a matter of minutes- to my pleasant surprise. The dmv has definitely changed people! 

I always try to stay grateful for the small things in life…It’s my secret to happiness, try it!



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