Coffee, Tea, and Me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting. Today I am wearing one of my absolute favorite designers Atelier Azza – who by the way is opening up a new store on Michigan Avenue – so excited for that! Every once in a while I need to get in touch with my South Asian roots and get glammed up Bollywood style. Scroll down to read more about why…

Dress Atelier Azza Shoes Zara Jewelry Tabarruj Bag Loeffler Randall for Target

I’ve become really used to having a super packed schedule and running around with about a dozen things on my to-do list at all times. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when I forgot to drink my morning jolt of coffee on Saturday, and went about my business as usual. We had a full day booked with plans to have an early dinner with family and then meet up with some friends in the city for a birthday celebration.  

What I didn’t realize was how much my body needs that caffeine, because I ended up getting a migraine that put me out of commission entirely. I took some advil and drank some tea and after a very long nap I was starting to feel like myself again. 

The hubs decided to take me out to a nice dinner because I was so upset about missing the parties  – so I thought why not get dolled up for my man and wear my Atelier Azza dress that I’ve been dying to wear! 

By the way, wearing a tikka (the jewelry on my forehead) is always appropriate in my opinion.  Don’t you agree?

Atelier Azza will be located in The Shops at North Bridge, 520 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago. 

Thanks for visiting and have a great day! 

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