Blue Jeans and Blazers

Outfit Details:   Jeans:  Zara     Blazer:  F21   Bag: Alexander Wang   Shoes: Steve Madden
Sunnies: Kate Spade   Watch: Michael Kors
My favorite combination of all time. A great pair of blue jeans with a blazer. This blazer I picked up from Forever 21 a while ago (maybe 2 years?), it is lightweight and has a high-low shape to it. I made it casual by adding a grey tank – I often like to do that a lot with dressier pieces- add a burnout tee or a tank top – just to keep things looking effortless.
I’m also loving the less is more philosophy today with my jewelry. Sometimes I just pile it on; statement necklaces, pearls, bracelets, you name it. There is certainly a big place for that in my heart, but sometimes simplicity is the best, and I couldn’t agree more with that statement right now!
By the way doesn’t my blog post title, Blue Jeans and Blazers, sound like it could be the name of a blog? I call dibs!
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